Jango Fett

I originally set out to make a Zam Wessell costume since there were pretty few female characters in the Star Wars universe and I thought it would be a cool costume. In my quest for resources, I found a forum called The Dented Helmet. Upon checking it out I got even more excited when I realized they had a forum dedicated to my second favorite Star Wars Character (only behind Darth Maul), Jango Fett! I never dreamed of making a Jango costume since I was a girl but now that I had stumbled across The Dented Helmet, how could I not? I’d have a helmet on so no one would know I was a girl and besides, how cool would it be to dress up as Jango Fett? Zam went right out the door and Jango became my passion. I made several versions of Jango- starting out with an awful Rubies helmet and making a paper mâché backpack. Jango went through quite a few upgrades until reaching the final version you see here. I custom dyed the jumpsuit. I made the shin, thigh, shoe, and cod armor as well as the backplate. I hand braided and assembled the braided belt and made the pouch belt too. I did all of the painting and weathering on all the armor, gauntlets, helmet, and jet pack. I am extremely proud of this costume and feel it is one of my very best. Who says girls can’t be the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy? Not I!
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Char October 31, 2011 at 7:18 am

That is awesome! I have been scouring the internets for a DOT approved stormtrooper helmet for my motorcycle. Lately I’ve been thinking of painting the bike to look like Slave 1. That would be so cool to see going down the freeway. Great job!


Kristen Andrews October 31, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Thank you so much! If you haven’t check out UD Replicas, I highly recommend checking out their motorcycle suits. Amazing!


Edmund Fairbairn March 17, 2017 at 2:29 pm

I love jango fett too and made a awesome set of armor. Im looking for some westar34’s i have a set of very modified toy ones that look good. But the barrels aren’t accurate.


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